Laura Smith is a powerful spiritual mentor who is committed to helping women live a joyful life as she helps guide them through forgiveness, past hurts, and supports them in a powerful healing journey.

Since 2014 Laura made the commitment to gain the insight and education to become a powerful healing coach and mentor.

She holds a Bachelor of Science from Pepperdine University and a Master’s from Azusa Pacific University. She also is certified by the Connective Leadership Institute. In June of 2018, Laura founded Into the Light Spiritual Mentorship.


Let’s talk

2-hour private mentorship session.

This session will take place at a beautiful location where your healing journey can be supported.

This time will be based around your personal needs for healing.

Healing is the experience of being whole and loved despite our life circumstances, I am blessed to support your healing journey.
Your special price – $250.00 / Valued at – $500.00

Your Journey Begins:

A 6-week mentorship program.

This opportunity is to go deeper into your healing journey. This special offer includes:

1-hour in person session.
5 1-hour sessions over the phone.
Special gift for you at the end of our time together.
1 in person gifted session at my monthly Freedom Friday’s event valued at $500.

Your special price – $995.00 / Valued at – $1,500.00
Please make an area for Name, Address, Phone, Email, birthday, and credit card information.

Let’s transform your life

Into the Light Mentorship, Laura L. Smith
Duration: 6-months
Starting date: We begin when you are ready to receive support.

1 – 60 minute scheduled private phone mentorship/coaching call per week
Daily access to me via email or text with response within 24 hours.
VIP guest to Freedom Friday’s.
A very special gift just for you at the conclusion of our time together.

Your Mentorship Package will also include for your convenience:
Ongoing accountability and support to help you through your healing journey.
Pre-scheduled calls (scheduled at the duration of our weekly call, giving you flexibility.)

Package Pricing: $5,500

Pricing Options:

Paid in Full: If paid in full, reduce price to $5,000.

Monthly payments autopay:
6 monthly payments of $918 which can be through online banking.
The first payment of $918 will be considered a deposit and due upon agreement. Leaving a balance of (5) payments of $918.

If non-autopay payments are $940 per month.

Please let me know if you have any questions or need support in making your decision. I am so excited you are taking the steps to self-love.